Publications by team members
  • Alessio Bottini, Stable Sheaves on K3 Surfaces via Wall-Crossing, arXiv:2103.09661

  • Laure Flapan, Emanuele Macrì, Kieran O'Grady, Giulia Saccà, The geometry of antisymplectic involutions, I, arXiv:2102.02161

  • Olivier Debarre, Giovanni Mongardi, Gushel-Mukai varieties with many symmetries and an explicit irrational Gushel-Mukai threefold, arXiv:2101.01959

  • Claire Voisin, Compact Kähler manifolds with no projective specialization, arXiv:2101.01075

  • Daniel Huybrechts, Brilliant families of K3 surfaces: Twistor spaces, Brauer groups, and Noether-Lefschetz loci, arXiv:2012.04608

  • Daniele Agostini, Ignacio Barros, Kuan-Wen Lai, On the irrationality of moduli spaces of K3 surfaces, arXiv:2011.11025

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  • Olivier Debarre, Gushel-Mukai varieties, arXiv:2001.03485

  • Arend Bayer, Martí Lahoz, Emanuele Macrì, Howard Nuer, Alexander Perry, Paolo Stellari, Stability conditions in family, arXiv:1902.08184

  • Arend Bayer, Martí Lahoz, Emanuele Macrì, Paolo Stellari, Stability conditions on Kuznetsov components, arXiv:1703.10839

Recent preprints & selected papers
  • Christian Lehn, Giovanni Mongardi, Gianluca Pacienza, Deformations of rational curves on primitive symplectic varieties and applications, arXiv:2103.13522

  • Volodymyr Gavran, Tangent bundle of a manifold of K3[2]-type is rigid, arXiv:2103.13522

  • Thorsten Beckmann, Derived categories of hyper-Kähler manifolds: extended Mukai vector and integral structure, arXiv:2103.13382

  • Emilio Franco, Degeneration of natural Lagrangians and Prymian integrable systems, arXiv:2103.05553

  • Justin Sawon, Chen Shen, Deformations of compact Prym fibrations to Hitchin systems, arXiv:2103.04274

  • Georg Oberdieck, Gromov-Witten theory and Noether-Lefschetz theory for holomorphic-symplectic varieties, arXiv:2102.11622

  • Francesco Viganò, Complex Multiplication and Noether-Lefschetz Loci of the Twistor Space of a K3 Surface, arXiv:2102.07285

  • Renat Abugaliev, Characteristic foliation on hypersurfaces with positive Beauville-Bogomolov-Fujiki square, arXiv:2102.02799

  • Jieao Song, On the image of the period map for polarized hyperkähler manifolds of K3[m]-type, arXiv:2101.04791

  • Valeria Bertini, Rational curves on O'Grady's tenfolds, arXiv:2101.01029

  • Arvid Perego, Antonio Rapagnetta, The second integral cohomology of moduli spaces of sheaves on K3 and Abelian surfaces, arXiv:2012.10649

  • Dominique Mattei, A Lagrangian fibration on a moduli space of sheaves on a K3 surface, arXiv:2012.05848

  • Arnaud Beauville, A remark on the generalized Franchetta conjecture for K3 surfaces, arXiv:2012.03332

  • Andreas Kretschmer, The Chow ring of hyperkähler varieties of K3[2]-type via Lefschetz actions, arXiv:2010.13847

  • Giovanni Mongardi, Claudio Onorati, Birational geometry of irreducible holomorphic symplectic tenfolds of O'Grady type, arXiv:2010.12511 

  • Grégoire Menet, Ulrike Rieß, On the Kähler cone of irreducible symplectic orbifolds, arXiv:2009.04873

  • Annalisa Grossi, Claudio Onorati, Davide Veniani, Prime order symplectic birational transformations of O'Grady's holomorphic symplectic sixfolds, arXiv:2009.02120 

  • Chen Jiang, Positivity of Riemann-Roch polynomials and Todd classes of hyperkähler manifolds, arXiv:2008.04685

  • Chunyi Li, Laura Pertusi, Xiaolei Zhao, Elliptic quintics on cubic fourfolds, O'Grady 10, and Lagrangian fibrations, arXiv:2007.14108

  • Hanine Awada, Michele Bolognesi, Claudio Pedrini, A family of special cubic fourfolds with motive of abelian type, arXiv:2007.07193

  • Thorsten Beckmann, Georg Oberdieck, Equivariant categories and fixed loci of holomorphic symplectic varieties arXiv:2006.13899

  • Ángel David Ríos Ortiz, Riemann-Roch Polynomials of the known Hyperkähler Manifolds, arXiv:2006.09307

  • Giulia Saccà, Birational geometry of the intermediate Jacobian fibration of a cubic fourfold, arXiv:2002.01420

  • Kieran O’Grady, Modular sheaves on hyperkähler varieties, arXiv:1912.02659

  • Eduard Looijenga, Teichmüller spaces and Torelli theorems for hyperkähler manifolds, arXiv:1912.02550

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