Winter 2021/22
  • Joint working group (Bonn-Paris): Topics in hyperkähler geometry. 
Friday 10:00-12:00 The seminar will be organized as a hybrid event. In Bonn, the talks will be delivered/streamed in Lipschitz Saal, Endenicher Allee 60.
19 November: Gushel-Mukai varieties I (Pietro Beri & Dominique Mattei) notes
26 November: Derived categories of Gushel-Mukai varieties (Dmitrii Pirozhkov) notes
3 December: Gushel-Mukai varieties II  (Pietro Beri & Olivier Debarre) notes
10 December: Characteristic foliations (Fabrizio Anella & Daniel Huybrechts) notes
17 December: Dual fibrations (Thorsten Beckmann & Daniel Huybrechts) notes
14 January: Vector bundles on hyperkähler manifolds (Alessio Bottini & Emanuele Macrì)
21 January: Integral Hodge conjecture (Ignacio Barros & Claire Voisin)


Meeting-ID: 990 3748 7887

Kenncode: 596770

Summer 2021
  • Joint working group (Bonn-Paris): Topics in hyperkähler geometry
The notes of the talks can be downloaded here.
Friday 10:00-12:00
16 April: F. Anella & D. Huybrechts: Semipositive line bundles (Campana-Peternell-Oguiso and Verbitsky)
23 April: A. Bottini: Looijenga-Lunts algebra and Verbitsky's theorem
30 April: P. Beri & O. Debarre: Betti numbers (Guan, Salamon,...)
14 May: M. Varesco & C. Voisin: Kuga-Satake (classical theory and work of Markman-O'Grady)
21 May: T. Beckmann: Derived categories and derived monodromy (work of Taelman)
4 June: D. Huybrechts & M. Mauri: Lagrangian fibrations (Matsushita, Shen & Yin) 
11 June: G. Oberdieck & J. Song: Representation theory and cohomology (Green-Kim-Laza-Robles)



Fall 2020
  • Joint working group (Bonn-Paris):
Moduli spaces of K3 surfaces and hyperkähler varieties.
  Friday 10:15-11:45
  Meeting-ID: 991 6520 6652
  Code: e(K3^[2])
  Notes of talks:
    Olivier Debarre: NL cycles, pdf
    Emre Sertöz: NL divisors are the coefficients of a modular form, pdf
    Fabrizio Anella: Picard groups and NL cycles on F_g pdf
    Daniel Huybrechts: Hodge line bundle, slides
    Yajnaseni Dutta: Tautological classes pdf
    Emanuele Macrì: Moduli spaces of hyperkähler manifolds pdf
    Thorsten Beckmann & Mirko Mauri: Tautological classes on moduli spaces of hyperkähler manifolds pdf
    Johannes Schmitt: Relations in the tautological ring of the moduli of K3 surfaces pdf
    Georg Oberdieck: Relations in the tautological ring of the moduli of K3 surfaces pdf
    Oishee Banerjee: Picard group of Kg for small g, after Greer, Li, and Tian pdf